Runaway Railroad

"Help Train Engineer Joe by laying track to keep the train from crashing!"

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Runaway Railroad is a fun and addictive new puzzle game set in a bright and colorful world. Your goal in each level is to connect the start and finish markers with track, but to do that you must avoid obstacles like houses and trees. Play to beat levels and get the high score or enjoy some friendly competition with family and friends.

Try Runaway Railroad today! You'll be playing for free in no time thanks to the tiny download. Then unlock the additional benefits listed below with safe, secure online ordering. It's fun, fast, and you don't have to be a computer wiz to figure out how to play. We know you'll love it, and your friends will love it too!


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Fast-paced gameplay packs lots of fun into every level
Bright graphics, nonviolent gameplay, and adjustable difficulty - suitable for all ages
Short puzzles and simple controls - perfect for quick games to alleviate boredom
Time and track limits - maximize your score and see how far you can get
High score tracking - compete with family and friends
Select from three different musical tunes
Support for full screen and windowed modes - choose the option that's best for you

Additional Full Version Benefits

After beating Expert, play Genius difficulty with fun new graphics
Special ending for masters of the game
Eliminate maximum limit on score
Remember settings from previous plays
No more nag screens or time delay to start

System Requirements

Windows 95 or newer
200 Mhz CPU or faster

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