Game Development Information

articles about game design and game development

sloperama game biz advice library - a few direct links below
- path to game development
- getting started
- practical tips for independent game development
extra credits (videos) - how to start
game programming wiki
sirlin game design articles
making crash bandicoot
brenda brathwaite on game design education
patrick curry's ideas for student projects
lost garden
- lost garden on game mechanics
game design articles on gamasutra - a few direct links below
- what game designers do
- secrets of the sages: level design
- metroid level design
- evaluating game mechanics for depth
- chasing the whale
- 2D camera scrolling
art portfolio tips on gamasutra
the door problem
the art of game design (book)
guildhall theses
game dev @ stack exchange - a few direct links below
- start learning by developing simple games
- what does a game designer do: blackjack vs. poker
- designer vs artist
- implying a path
level design in last of us
smb3 level design
world of level design
tuning canabalt
people make games on gun sounds
5 room dungeons
greg costikyan on the nature of games
breaking the wheel
the game prodigy - a few direct links below
- what do game designers do
- the game design canvas
grey alien games' pax panel
ron's rules for playtesting
tank tactics prototype
mossmouth finishing a game
gamedev reddit - including...
- getting started guide
- game analysis videos
successfully market your indie game
cardinal quest financials
good game design video series
game career guide - a few direct links below
- game development roles
- don't focus on game design initially
- modest first projects
- behavior trees
gdc vault - a few direct links below
- back to the garage
- myst postmortem
pro dev videos - a few direct links below
- naughty dog's history
- working at naughty dog
- game dev at insomniac
- double fine adventure
amit's game programming information
chris crawford's erasmatazz library

and lastly...
a rant with lots of reference links about what it takes to develop a game

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