Frequently Asked Questions

Well, not really; I just kind of made them up.

So, what is this place?
Duh, it's my website.

No, I mean why does this place exist?
Oh great, an existential philosopher.

What are some vague and easily misunderstood terms for what you do?
Let's see... multimedia, digital media, interactive media... Just about every week someone thinks up another.

And how would YOU describe yourself?
I'm a software engineer living in the suburbs of Chicago, specializing in interactive media development. I program video games and XR (VR/AR) apps for both mobile and web using technologies like C#/Unity and JavaScript/WebGL.

Who do you work for?
I currently work for Qualcomm Game Studios as a senior developer using Unity. I wrote the first edition of my book while working for Synapse Games as a developer of web and mobile games. I've also taught classes at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Columbia College Chicago. I used to create digital artworks in collaboration with Mark Skwarek, showing our work in venues like Famous Accountants gallery in NYC, Boston Cyberarts, ISEA in Ireland, and the Sunshine gallery in Beijing.

I've written a book about developing games in Unity, called Unity in Action! Click this image of the cover:

What made you decide on a minimalist site design?
Laziness. The site was simple to build and is easy to maintain. I have neither the time nor inclination to design a more complex website for myself.

Anyone ever tell you that you look like Keanu Reeves?
Yeah, I get that sometimes.

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